Saturday, February 13, 2010

Second Assignment (I'm not sure where to go with this yet, and this is sort of rambling post of my brainstorming process.)

For our second assignment, we have to respond to a selection of essays on design as authorship. I think it's supposed to include some socially-minded themes as well. My favorite essay of the three suggested was definitely "What Design Means to Me" by Karel Martens. There are a lot of interesting quotes in there, but here's one that I thought was pretty outstanding:

"Because-- like much in life-- designing is making choices. Choices for an often large number of possibilities and in the light of an analysis on the job and an idea of the audience. Yet even after this selection, there are sufficient possibilities remaining to establish uncertainty. Each choice always shuts out other possibilities."

The idea of irrevocable change is sort of interesting. It made me think of "Choose Your Own Adventure" novels, where your decisions as a reader/author affect the destiny of your character. I was thinking of developing a visual way of communicating that sort of novel, but I'm not exactly sure how I'd like to go about it. Acetate? Pop-outs? I want to find a solution that will be straightforward and accessible, and that will also lend itself to social change applications.

Initially, I thought of having the reader physically construct the story, maybe through piecing together different elements? I might also try to find another essay that might help me figure it out. I LOVE reading, especially critical/theoretical essays, so that would be pretty awesome!

If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them.

PS The examples of previous work on the blog are so cool!

UPDATE: Well, I attempted to do a little demonstration of my project, hopefully a discussion in class will straighten all the kinks out.

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