Sunday, March 14, 2010

Revised Pages

I think I've finished most of the pages for the flipbook, other than a few more minor alterations (fixing photos, reshooting etc.) I'd also like to add a few more branches, but I think I'm happy with the progress so far.

See you tomorrow!

Might Sound Crazy...

So I don't know this is even possible, but I was thinking about maybe extending my CYOA project as an installation. I was thinking I could set up a sort of house-like obstacle course, with doors and windows labeled with the different choices, and the "rooms" behind these doors and windows illustrating the results. I'm imagining opening an innocuous wooden door with the word "designer"painted on it, and finding a vividly painted room filled with interesting design pieces and off the wall creative elements. Maybe another door, or window, with "writer" stenciled onto it and a room full of typewriters and paper on the other side. I'd like it to appear sort of Alice in Wonderland, trippy, illogical, and surprising.

Again, it might be sort of pie in the sky, but it could be REALLY cool. Maybe I can find a way to do it on a smaller scale.

I was also considering making a giant poster, with the life choices set up like the doors on an advent calendar. Once you rip the door open, it would lead you to another numbered door, where the story would continue. Not as much fun as my first idea, but probably more practical. I'm not sure how this would affect my imagery...

I'm going to finish the current flipbook version tonight, and keep it as a sort of blueprint for my other ideas. Hopefully it will all come together!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Time to Get Crackin

Here are a couple of pages from my CYOA book, and I'd like your opinions. Sorry for being really lame in posting lately!

I've gotten frustrated with the "designer" and "writer" pages because it's sort of a tall order to encapsulate either one in a design. I don't really know where to go from there. I was trying to use the comma as a writing element and a design element, to sort of link the two together.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

CD Cover For Gourmet Type

Trying to figure out some hand drawn type... it's freaking hard. I liked the original version I drew out, but sorting this out on the computer is a little different. I plan to keep on working on it, but it gets kind of frustrating when you can't express an idea :-\ But I will remain positive.

I think I probably like this bottom one the best so far...