Tuesday, March 2, 2010

CD Cover For Gourmet Type

Trying to figure out some hand drawn type... it's freaking hard. I liked the original version I drew out, but sorting this out on the computer is a little different. I plan to keep on working on it, but it gets kind of frustrating when you can't express an idea :-\ But I will remain positive.

I think I probably like this bottom one the best so far...


  1. okay.

    i'm game.

    it's better than you think.

    where are you going from here with this project?

    and, looking forward to seeing your completed journey book project.

  2. is this for a different course?

    if so, would you please post it elsewhere so that i know what i should be critiquing and not?



  3. Oooooo, I like them all, but the last one the most. The musicians' name is sufficiently hand-curly-cued without being tangly, and doesn't take up as much focus-time as in the other ones. And the white album title provides just the right amount of balance and contrast to the photo and black script, in my opinion. Rock on, ladyface! :)