Wednesday, May 26, 2010

NYT Responses: The Thrilling Conclusion!

6. "Arakawa, Whose Art Tried to Halt Aging, Dies at 73" I created a maze to keep the mind sharp, one of the methods Arakawa advocated to slow the aging process. I used foam, which was really tough to cut evenly, so I apologize for the rough edges.

7. "Bids Total $11 Billion for Wireless Spectrum in India" I created a graphic...thing based on the folded instruction page/booklet you often receive with a new cell phone. It actually reminds me a lot of my bestie Nicole Rincon's work... only not as good. :D

8. "Scientists Fault Lack of Studies Over Gulf Oil Spill"

My plan was to spraypaint "THIS IS BULLSHIT" on a bed sheet and toss it over the sign at the BP by my house. However, my lofty goals to make tonight's deadline were thwarted by the rain.

9. "Winter Leaves Mongolians a Harvest of Carcasses" This was a really gripping article. Originally I had this idea to take some yarn and freeze one ratted-out end in an ice cube and do an editorial spread. But then I couldn't get the ice to freeze clear. So two days of that. Then I thought I might able to use unflavored gelatin, but I just couldn't get around to trying it. And by then my spirit was broken.

So I came up with this alternative. I plan to keep working on it... unless I can figure out the ice situation.

10. "Memorial Page" I'm in the process of constructing a booklet that contains some methods of memorializing lost loved ones. This is my first draft.

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  1. I think if you can find someway to keep the water moving while freezing it freezes clear, I believe that's how they make the ice blocks for ice sculptures.... So rig something weird to your ice trays!