Sunday, October 31, 2010

Stuff I've Been Working On

Very sorry for the delay. I've been absorbed by the working world, commuter travel, and repeatedly banging my right elbow into a variety of hard surfaces. I think I've finally lost all feeling in my right forearm.

Here are a few things that I've been working on. Hope you enjoy!

1. Embroidering polaroids of my dog. Can't think of a better way to express my admiration for my best friend... 'cept by putting a teddy bear sticker on there! OMG so cute!

2. Dressing like a dude.

3. Hanging out with my bud, FMB.

4. Experimenting with lipstick.

5. Exhuming past projects.*

(*Not pictured: getting fat, indulging a dangerous retail addiction, resuming my interest in skating, dressing as Robin and fighting crime through enthusiastic whining, enjoying an amazing job with incredible coworkers, feigning a tolerance for alcohol, TA-ing, and crushing on the uncrushable).